The International 16 Days Opposing Violence Against Women runs from 25thNovember, (which is UN Day Opposing Violence Against Women), to 10th December(which is Human Rights Day).

This year marks the 22nd year of the global 16 Days of Action Opposing Violence against Women.  Over the years the campaign has grown in size and strength and today, in 2012, over 4000 organisations from 172 countries have participated worldwide.

In Ireland, domestic violence services, Rape Crisis Centres, Community Development Projects, Family Resource Centres, SAFE Ireland, Women’s Aid and other groups actively support the campaign.  The creativity, energy and enthusiasm that drives the various events whether putting on a play, organising awareness raising events in the community or hosting a concert or exhibition – is unparalleled.

Mayo Women’s Support Services in collaboration with Mayo Rape Crisis Centre will host a number of awareness raising events throughout the 16 Day Campaign.

The aims of the campaign are:

To highlight the prevalence of violence against women

To raise awareness of violence against women as a human rights issue at the local, national and international level

To show the solidarity of women around the world opposing violence against women

  • To work towards the elimination of all forms of violence against women
  • To keep violence against women on the political and media agenda.