It is widely acknowledged within the domestic violence sector that there is a huge gap in the provision of services for children who have lived with domestic violence.

MWSS believe that children are entitled to services in their own right and have worked tirelessly to address this issue. In 2005, MWSS requested The Children’s Research Centre, Trinity College to undertake the first Irish research into children’s experience of domestic violence. ‘Listen to Me’ was published in 2006

As part of our ongoing work the following supports are currently available:

‘Helping Hands’

This is part of the Protective Behaviours Programme, which is an International Programme brought to Ireland by Northern Ireland’s Aid. .

It is based on two main themes

‘We all have the right to feel safe all the time’ and

‘There is nothing so awful or so small that we can’t talk about it with someone’

This intervention is provided by our Childcare Worker and can take place with an individual child or with a group of children. It is available to all children who are staying in refuge or whose mothers are using the outreach service. This programme is flexible and can be adapted to suit children of all ages.

From time to time the service also facilitates group programmes with mothers and their children.

All children whose mothers use the service can avail of playroom facilities.