If you are in danger and have to leave in a hurry, a safety plan will assist you to get out safely. So think about the following:

  • A safe place where you can go to stay in an emergency.
  • The telephone number of this safe place.
  • How to get to this safe place, day or night.
  • The number of a local taxi if needed.
  • Discuss your safety plan with someone you trust so they can support you if you need to put your   plan into action
  • What to tell the children, and how to tell them, if you need to put the safety plan into action.
  • Have important telephone numbers ready, e.g. Gardaí, Mayo Women’s Support Services, your GP,   Waterside House, Women’s Refuge (24 hour service) Women’s Aid helpline.
  • If you can have a bag packed, with the following items: essential medicines for you or your children, claim books, child benefit, birth certificates & marriage certificate.
  • Always remember, your safety comes first.  If you are in danger, get out. Don’t worry if you leave anything behind, you can go back later, with the Gardaí for protection if you need to collect other things.
  • Just remember you have the right to be safe
  • You are not the cause of someone else’s violent or abusive behaviour.
  • You do not deserve to be abused.
  • If you or your children are in danger, call 999.