The White Ribbon Campaign

“If it were between countries, we’d call it a war. If it were a disease, we’d call it an epidemic.If it were an oil spill, we’d call it a disaster.But it is happening to women, and it’s just an everyday affair” ( Michael Kaufman-White Ribbon Campaign 1991

The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest effort in the world of men working to end men’s violence against women. The WRC was created by a handful of Canadian men in 1991 on the second anniversary of one man’s massacre of 14 women in Montreal.   They decided that wearing a white ribbon would be a symbol of men’s opposition to men’s violence against women. After only six weeks preparation, as many as 100,000 men across Canada wore a white ribbon. Many others were drawn into discussion and debate on the issue of men’s violence. There are now White Ribbon Campaigns operating in many countries around the world. See

In 2010,’The Other Half’ launched  Ireland’s first national White Ribbon Campaign and continues to be part of the 16 Days Opposing Violence Against

White Ribbons will be available at various community venues throughout the County during the 16 days campaign.